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Failt erriu - Welcome - Phil Gawne is MHK for Rushen
& Minister of Environment, Food and Agriculture

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New Crowdfunding Regime for the Isle of Man
The Department of Economic Development has worked closely with the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority (FSA) and industry to develop a suitable regulatory environment for both Investment and Debt Crowdfunding platforms.
The new legislation will provide the regulatory framework to allow crowdfunding platforms to establish their businesses on the Isle of Man. Platforms already existing and those looking to establish on the Island will be required to apply through the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority for a new Class 6 Crowdfunding License.
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Phil pleased by substantial progress on rebalancing
Government’s success in supporting the economy and reducing its own running costs has led to a lower than expected deficit at the end of the 2013/14 financial year, Treasury Minister Eddie Teare MHK announced on Friday June 13, 2014. But with fiscal challenges still to be faced, Mr Teare warned that the encouraging outcome was ‘no excuse to relax’ in terms of maintaining budgetary discipline.
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Phil welcomes encouraging signs for the economy
The first ‘Business Barometer’ quarterly survey conducted by the Chamber of Commerce was published this week (May 5th 2014). More than 100 Island businesses have taken part in the exercise, providing live economic data across a broad range of sectors.  Key findings include:
•    Two-thirds of businesses are optimistic about the next 12 months, with less than one in ten pessimistic;
•    Over half have seen their key measure (sales, deposits etc) improve over the last quarter;
•    Over 40% expect to increase staffing in the year ahead, compared to only 12% looking to reduce;
•    One in three expect profits to grow by more than 10% in the year ahead, with 10% anticipating a fall in profit.

About our Children - Update
Since 2011, the Department of Social Care has taken numerous steps towards improving and advancing the quality of services provided for our children on the Island. These important developments, outlined below, are the result of dedication, resilience and commitment of staff across the Department of Social Care.
To read the full news release with details about the steps being taken - Click here

Plan for Isle of Man's economic future launched
Economy can grow by 3% to 4% each year to 2020, with e-Business sector being key source of growth

The plan for developing the Isle of Man’s economic future, Vision2020, was launched today with an event organised by the Department of Economic Development for the local business community.
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Isle of Man Government pledges £100,000 for Philippines disaster

The Government’s International Development Committee has agreed to provide £100,000 in emergency aid funding in response to the Typhoon Haiyan disaster that has hit the Philippines.  The money will go via the Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC), a consortium of leading UK aid charities, which has launched an appeal for the Philippines.

International Development Committee chairman Phil Gawne MHK said: ‘Typhoon Haiyan is a natural disaster on a colossal scale, bringing death and devastation to large areas of the Philippines. An estimated 12,000 people have died and the lives of some 11 million have been disrupted.  It is hard for us in the Isle of Man to imagine what it must be like to be overwhelmed by such a terrible tragedy. But we can play our part in the international relief effort, and the International Development Committee had no hesitation in pledging this emergency aid funding on behalf of the Government of the Isle of Man.’

For more on the DEC Philippines Typhoon appeal see:

Minister quizzed by Tynwald Environment and Infrastructure Committee
Minister quizzed by Tynwald Environment and Infrastructure Committee on wide range of his Department’s policies.  To read the Hansard - Click here

Phil welcomes important measure to protect the world’s poorest countries from vulture funds!
Legislation to prevent the Isle of Man being used by ‘vulture funds’ to exploit the debts of some of the world’s poorest countries has this week received Royal Assent.
The Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (Limitation on Debt Recovery) Act 2012 outlaws a practice that undermines international debt relief efforts. The legislation prevents vulture funds from buying up poor nations’ debts for a fraction of their original amount and then using the courts to sue for the full value, plus interest and penalty charges.

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Phil welcomes important step forward in ensuring IoM tax matters are transparent
The Isle of Man Government has confirmed that it will be adopting tax information sharing arrangements with the United Kingdom which will follow closely the FATCA inter-governmental agreement currently being negotiated with the United States.
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Phil applauds efforts of Social Care Department in consulting on the future
To read the report - Click here

The latest Agri-News
Articles include good news for the future of IOM Meats, dealing with 2012’s wet summer and the re-opening of FHIS - Click here
Additional articles on the Winter meeting programme, Wages Board and Readers Survey can be found here.

Tynwald Members’ pay and pensions
This report marks a significant movement away from Members setting their own pay. To view the report - Click here, and Click here

Phil welcomes debate on social care policies
To view the minister’s presentation - Click here

Treasury Minister's presentation at Port Erin meeting
Co-Min is running community meetings around the Island. To view the presentation given by the Treasury Minister in Port Erin - Click here

Phil welcomes swift action & cooperation of Social Care Department in re-opening Surby Ward at Southlands
The Department of Social Care has announced that as part of its programme of rebalancing adult services the first residents have moved into to the newly opened Surby Unit in Southlands Resource Centre.
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Key issues to be discussed at next community meeting
CHIEF Minister Allan Bell MHK says he is looking forward to another lively public debate at the next community meeting to be hosted by the Council of Ministers.
The event takes place at the Erin Arts Centre on Tuesday, October 23, and will provide a further opportunity for Island residents to engage with Ministers on matters of national importance.
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Minister Confirms Queenie Fishery Closure
Phil Gawne MHK, Minister for Environment, Food and Agriculture, has today confirmed the closure of the Isle of Man Queenie Fishery, with effect from 4th September.
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Isle of Man funding helping to create a sustainable
future for Kenyan farming communities
An aid project funded by the Isle of Man Government is using an ancient technology to help hundreds of Kenyan farmers lift themselves out of hunger and poverty.
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Rio ConventionIsland signs up to Rio Convention
The Isle of Man will be included in the UK’s ratification of the Convention on Biological Diversity on Monday August 6th.
'This is a major milestone for our outstanding natural heritage', said DEFA Minister, Phil Gawne. 'This is important for the future of the land and marine ecosystems on which we depend. The natural world provides us with seafood, fertile soil, freshwater, cultural inspiration for the arts, places for recreation and enjoyment, coastal protection, pest control and other services worth many millions of pounds a year.'

DEFA HQ wins top environmental award
The Department of the Environment, Food and Agriculture’s (DEFA) headquarters in St John’s has won the top prize at one of Europe’s most prestigious environmental awards. The 2012 Green Apple Built Environment and Architectural Heritage Awards are the leading international awards honouring excellence in sustainable construction, design and innovation of products and architectural preservation.
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Phil attends high level summit
The Chief Minister and Phil Gawne attend British-Irish Council Summit to consider collaborative working on marine renewable energy.
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MHKs for Rushen after the 2011 election:
Juan Watterson, Laurence Skelly
and Phil Gawne

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